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Qualcomm is on the brink of herald a new era of remarkable low-energy Bluetooth earbud chips.
The QCC514X and the QCC304X will aid Qualcomm's TrueWireless Mirroring technology. This manner that wireless connectivity is secured with a unmarried earbud that is paired with another. When the user eliminates the number one earbud, the other mirroring bud takes over the connection with none interruption.

The gadgets will also support lively noise control, or noise cancellation, bringing the popular feature commonly determined on high-end devices to mid-priced and entry-level buds. Qualcomm says its hybrid ANC feature permits for ambient noise leak-through that permits full-size but now not total external noise suppression. That makes it less difficult for customers to speak with others while sporting the buds or to extra effortlessly hear car horns or alarms.

Battery life can be progressed as well. Qualcomm's structures on a chip (SoC) will provide up to 13 hours of playback on earbud structures using a 65mAh battery, inspite of hybrid ANC constantly on. Qualcomm notes that the progressed battery capability allowed them to lessen the battery length and weight.

The chips offer voice assistant guidehowever the two models handle it differently. The QCC514X, like premium manufacturers Apple AirPods and Beats by way of Dre, will have non-stop wake-word listening enabled. Users can absolutely say "Hey Google" or "Alexa" to initiate a voice command.

The QCC304X, however, requires a button press to activate such commands.

The chips are designed so that a couple of buds indicates up as only a unmarried tool occupying one address on Bluetooth devices.

Other manufacturers the use of Bluetooth SoCs encompass Apple and Samsung, which recently unveiled plans for its next technology earbud systems. Samsung's new all-in-one power control integrated circuits (PMIC) are designed for bud structures offering genuine wireless stereo. It will be unveiled in Samsung's Galaxy Buds+.

Ear buds have honestly come a long way on the grounds that their inception, accept as true with it or not, 129 years ago. French engineer Ernest Mercadier patented the primary in-ear "cellphone receivers" for customers of phones that had begun entering homes the preceding decade. Those first "receivers" had been startlingly similar to contemporary ear pods, and, even extra surprisingly, they offered a primitive shape of noise cancellation.

The first headphones arrived in 1910. Engineer Nathaniel Baldwin invented them on his kitchen table and wound up creating a fortune promoting 100 gadgets to the U.S. Navy. Sadly, Stanley Baldwin misplaced all his fortunes making an investment in a Mormon movement advocating that men be allowed to have a couple of wives. He went bankrupt in 1924 and became imprisoned for mail fraud in 1930.

In light of the extraordinary range of people which might be now both working from home or self-isolated in other ways due to Covid-19, groups answerable for diverse predominant on line services have needed to adapt to the accelerated demand.

Netflix has already acted through decreasing the bitrate of its streaming content material, and now Google, Sony and Microsoft have joined in by way of restricting the impact that their YouTube, PlayStation and Xbox offerings respectively have on congestion and standard bandwidth usage.

YouTube throttling:

For Google, the company is making its YouTube video platform default to the 480p image satisfactory placing globally, only a few days after it enacted the alternate in Europe. This way that everyone gaining access to a YouTube video going ahead could have it robotically set to the standard definition setting (480p), however they’ll be able to alter it back to a better placing if they want.
The exchange is being rolled out globally over the approaching days so may not be in vicinity for each person at this level, but it’s predicted to last for at least 30 days. It’s worth noting that this era could nicely be extended because the scenario develops.

While, theoretically, everyone could sincerely revert to the very best available resolution every time they watch a video, the motive is that many motion pictures (including those considered on smartphones, for example) don’t require a excessive-resolution flow to get the maximum out of them, and many customers gained’t notice the distinction

Sony and other gaming corporations:

As for Sony’s element in all this, a post on its PlayStation weblog has mentioned that the organization will be throttling the rate at which gamers can down load games in Europe, however assures the network that on line gameplay isn’t being impacted.

Specifically, Sony has stated that gamers would possibly revel in “somewhat slower or behind schedule sport downloads however will still experience robust gameplay” if you want to “deal with net stability worries”.

As talked about via principal US content material delivery provider Akamai in a blog submit, “a software replace for a modern recreation generates an amount of visitors more or less same to 30,000 net pages”.

As such, the organisation is speaking to the video game industry’s main vendors of software, including both Microsoft and Sony, to see if they can help manage internet congestion all through peak instances.

Microsoft’s contemporary assertion does mention that the agency could be “actively monitoring overall performance and usage traits to make certain [it’s] optimizing the provider”, but there isn’t currently any degree in vicinity.

At this stage there’s no reliable word from other agencies that distribute gaming software program, which include Nintendo, Valve or Epic Games, on whether or not measures could be brought, but we’ll in all likelihood discover over the coming days and weeks.

Dyson has announced it will broaden a brand new sort of clinical ventilator for the NHS, to assist with coronavirus.

The company, headed by way of British inventor Sir James Dyson, stated it had spoke back to the government's request for help.

Meanwhile, a consortium of more than a dozen organizations pursuits to build ventilators based on two current designs.

Some enterprise insiders have advised that Dyson's approach to create a new version will take too long.

In a statement, Dyson stated it were operating with The Technology Partnership, a medical agency based in Cambridge, to increase a "significant and timely response".

"This is a fairly complex undertaking being undertaken in an exceptionally challenging time frame," it added.

"We are undertaking a completely regulated clinical tool improvement, which includes trying out within the laboratory and in people, and we're scaling up for volume."
Engineers, anaesthetists and surgeons from the University of Oxford and King's College London are working on another new type of ventilator. It is less advanced than existing commercial models, but benefits from being relatively quick to construct.
"Creating new designs which can complement existing models might help meet demand," commented Dr Federico Formenti, who is part of the OxVent team.
"Companies can't switch overnight - you can't put a Formula One component into a ventilator, it will take time."
The project is still waiting to hear back from the government.
It normally takes two to three years to design and bring a new ventilator to market, and there is concern that the NHS could run short of equipment in a matter of weeks.
"Recreating established prototypes is likely to be a faster way to deal with the immediate demand," Dr Marion Hersh, senior lecturer in biomedical engineering at the University of Glasgow.
"They may not have to go through all the regulatory hoops, but regulation will still need to be done properly. However, there could be value in more than one option in the slightly longer term.
The production change frame Make UK had initially counseled that Dyson may alternatively play a position by way of assisting source hard-to-get components that others should use.

Prof Nick Oliver, from the University of Edinburgh's Business School, commented that time might be wasted if green businesses tried to design and bring their personal ventilators.

"Great products come from painstaking checking out, refinement and a deep know-how of the context of use," he delivered.

"Rather than tasking non-scientific agencies to expand and convey ventilators from scratch, policymakers would do higher to cognizance on the way to expand the potential of present tool manufacturers, who already have this particular expertise.

"Celebrating inventiveness and resourcefulness is all nicely and appropriate, however this isn't the pinnacle priority for the time being."

A consortium called The Ventilator Challenge UK targets alternatively to fabricate scientific ventilators using  current designs.

Its members include:

clinical ventilator experts Penlon and Smiths
One of the fashions is based totally on an anaesthetic ventilator made by way of Penlon, that is bulkier than the ones generally used in intensive care wards.

The business enterprise's product chief previously warned that asking non-professionals to make ventilators might be "unrealistic".

Smiths' transportable ParaPac ventilator is the alternative system the organization aims to manufacture, in keeping with a file through the Guardian newspaper.
The company has already introduced plans to deliver 5,000 greater ventilators within two weeks, and has stated it intends to deliver tens of lots greater over the approaching months.

"We are doing the whole thing feasible to appreciably boom manufacturing of our ventilators at our Luton site and worldwide," said Andrew Reynolds Smith, leader government of Smiths.

It’s no wonder that Apple plans on enhancing the iPhone‘s digital camera this year, but a new file offers us a better idea of the way the corporation is probably making plans on doing so. A new observe through Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (thru MacRumors) claims Apple plans on introducing sensor-shift image stabilization on its largest iPhone this year.

If proper – and Kuo has a sturdy track report with Apple rumors – it can be one of the maximum critical hardware modifications Apple has made to its digicam gadget because it brought a 2nd digicam with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Most optical image stabilization systems on smartphones work by means of shifting a lens element; whilst your hand moves, the optics flow to catch up on it. This is likewise the case for plenty excessive-end cameras consisting of Canon and Nikon DSLRs, in which best positive lenses have photograph stabilization built-in.

Companies like Olympus and Pentax, but, have lengthy constructed the stabilization into the camera sensor itself; this allows the era to work with any lens. In the DSLR and mirrorless digital camera world, this is commonly known as IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization), though the term doesn’t make a whole lot feel in phones thinking about the lenses are built into the devices themselves.

The technology may seem out of place in iPhones – which pair a one of a kind sensor with each lens – but it’s additionally well worth noting sensor-shift stabilization tends to definitely be more powerful than the optical variety within the first vicinity. This could lead to higher low light pix of still subjects or even smoother video.

But every other, subtler, advantage, is that it would make the iPhone more versatile whilst the use of add-on lenses like Moment’s exceptional optics. If carried out properly sufficient, it could substantially enhance the iPhone‘s picture and video chops.

Yet some other possibility is that Apple ought to use the technology to enforce something akin to Olympus‘ high-resolution shooting mode. This fancy generation makes use of tiny, controlled sensor moves to create a composite photograph that has higher resolution, better dynamic variety, and advanced colors than you could normally get from a small sensor (you may see it in action in my fingers-on with the Olympus E-M1 MKII). Google additionally does some thing similar with the Pixel’s Super Res Zoom, however sensor-shift IBIS should provide greater powerful outcomes.

While it’s tough to assume how Apple ought to suit an powerful sensor-shift mechanism — which typically requires bulky magnets to essentially levitate the sensor in midair — into a thin iPhone, it'd deliver it an part over opposition that has typically favored to truely increase its megapixel remember or sensor size. It’s also likely for this reason the era is handiest predicted to reach on the 6.7-inch iPhone, although the smaller fashions may undertake it in 2021, in step with Kuo.

In other information, the file also predicts that the 2022 iPhone will feature a periscope lens for extended zoom range, however thinking about Huawei and Oppo have covered periscope lenses on the grounds that 2019, Apple would be quite overdue to the birthday party.

TLDR: Python is on the upward thrust — and with the schooling in The Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle, you’ll analyze why it maintains its unheard of success with coding pros.

For almost a decade, the top of the programming language pecking order has been deeply entrenched. Decades-vintage king JavaScript remained firmly at no. 1, at the same time as runner-up Java sat as a strong no. 2. That hierarchy has remained unchallenged so long as analysts at Red Monk have been ranking the sector’s maximum used coding disciplines, beginning in 2012.

Until now. This yr, Python, who spent four years in 4th place before shifting up to 3rd in 2017, shockingly tied JavaScript to percentage 2nd location on the 2020 list. While that won't sound like a big deal, it’s at the least any other piece of confirmation that the person-pleasant, quite-adaptable Python language continues to effect every thing of cutting-edge-day coding.

And with the ones sort of credentials, that is truly time for the uninitiated to stand up to speed on the whole lot Python can do. You’ll get a the front-and-middle crash route in all those competencies with the education found in The Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle. The collection is now masses off its authentic fee, most effective $18 from TNW Deals with promo code “FLASHSAVE40” at checkout.

Over these 3 guides, even first timer Python users will get a experience for this exceptionally intuitive, consumer friendly language and recognize why it’s making such groundbreaking waves at the 2020 programming scene.

The education starts offevolved with Introduction to Python Training, which delves into the language’s origin, its advantages, its most useful equipment and unencumber why it’s received such extensive adoption over the past three decades.

Armed with the basics, Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas is going deeper into some of the Python libraries that exquisite-price Python’s electricity. This course explores Python’s critical position in these days’s information technological know-how, consisting of how NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib are revolutionizing how information is gathered, organized and provided.

The third and very last path, Advanced Python Training, gets into some of the professional stage programs of Python, along with mapping, advanced sorting, expressions, databases, item-orientated coding, and greater.
Source: TNW

In contemporary instances, organizations were competing with each other to put in force chatbots for numerous reasons, such as enhancing client experience, streamlining procedures, and fueling the decision for for digital and modern generation. Cognitive technologies inclusive of chatbots have come to be an apt candidate for stop-use utility as they have excessive automation feasibility, immoderate potential of accuracy, low complexity and coffee execution time.

Raising the bar thru intelligence, virtual assistants were propelled via advancements of cell era. Technology giants are putting their weight on a platform designed to reply advert-hoc queries in real-time and gas income as chatbots can don't forget patron preference and use order information to research from client responses to the product commercials, endorse merchandise, and move-sell aptly.

For instance, if a consumer asks for a pizza advice with a chatbot, it may keep in mind which pizza the customer ordered and study up with it whilst supplying a advice for every other pizza or a eating place.

Chatbots have the capacity to sift through large amounts of information to pick out the maximum best nuggets for a patron, no matter whether it's far a advice for a new product or a troubleshooting solution.

Artificial intelligence, the usage of device studying and natural language processing (NLP), has been serving as a stepping stone and has unlocked growth possibilities within the chatbot industry. Machine studying techniques are being integrated to provide a unbroken customer experience. A chatbot with AI makes the bot sharp and able to now not simplest answering complicated queries and keep customers’ time through helping them find the proper statistics however also supply sarcastic and witty replies and investigate ambiguous and random human ramblings.

Chatbots have verified to be instrumental in streamlining customer service by means of the usage of ensuring higher accuracy in records capture and lowering price. For instance, UNICEF makes use of U-Report to empower and join people globally to talk out and have interaction with numerous troubles. In January, Airtel Nigeria and UNICEF joined efforts to underpin U-Report.

Owing to ease-of-use and versatility, conversational dealers might also need to end up a regular user interface and are probably to replace apps. In a virtual truth surroundings, chatbots are gradually turning into an crucial interface.

Chatbots are perceived because the future of client enjoy as they're set to replace numerous apps and are seeking windows within the following few years. Redefining communique, chatbots are gaining big traction across companies and that they have commenced providing off-the-shelf merchandise that assist developers to test, host, build and set up applications using AI Markup Language (AIML).

E-commerce sectors appearance to enhance customer enjoy

In a bid to keep up with the evolving name for of digital-savvy clients, companies across industries including BFSI, e-exchange, retail, and healthcare have began out developing their own chatbots, even as others have pinned preference on 1/3-birthday party groups. Visionary banks and economic institutions are more and more making an funding in chatbots to offer insights to the right man or woman through the desired channel.

The e-commerce region has been one of the maximum important beneficiaries of digital assistants as huge agencies have all began embracing chatbots. Chatbots are helping e-change sectors with the aid of boosting engagement on touchdown pages. E-trade agencies are the usage of digital assistants for order processing to help customers gadget their orders and beautify customer experience with 24/7 availability.

Several shops practice virtual helpers, messaging and automated talk to streamline customer support. Chatbot-driven commerce with the conversational agent interface has been imparting better consumer experience and improving retail provider and managing thousands and thousands of requests.

The subsequent wave of chatbots well-knownshows corporations increased palpability within the course of boosting consumer loyalty by way of giving a private contact. As such, chatbots are using AI and NLP abilties to gauge the emotions, tone and voice accent to provide seamless answers which may be custom designed to the context of the communique.

Chatbots, underpinned through AI, have disrupted quite a number client engagement and are the use of NLP to provide required information to customers. Fintech companies and financial companies are increasingly adopting them for payment transactions. B2B sectors have reaped rewards from the use of chatbots to ease invoicing.

Embedding chatbots, huge manufacturers make headway

Some of the biggest names, which encompass Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, have already embraced chatbots to hone their skills to serve a large huge style of customers at one flow and provide agencies leeway to customize based on their specs. Riding high on the recognition of cellular messengers and AI, Facebook has been presenting charge alternatives to provide a unbroken purchaser revel in. For instance, starting in past due September 2016, Facebook Messenger customers should execute orders and complete transactions via numerous strategies of fee.

In a bid to present hard opposition to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Google is gearing to release Chatbot Meena. The contemporary version will reputedly have a neural network of two.6 billion parameters that is believed to have stepped forward conversational skills. Reportedly, Chatbot Meena will run on the seq2seq version a good way to help AI devices in comprehending words in line with distinctive paragraphs.

Facebook received Israel-based startup commercial enterprise business enterprise Servicefriend in past due September 2019 to enhance the enjoy of its upcoming cryptocurrency Libra. Servicefriend is known for constructing AI-fueled hybrid chatbots for messaging apps. Facebook targets to construct an array of monetary offerings for customers to apply Libra to gain and Calibra to pay. Reportedly, the brand new digital pockets meant for Libra overseas money can be to be had in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and as a stand-on my own app in 2020.

Chatbots, fueled through synthetic intelligence, are making enormous headway. Big manufacturers are striving to include humanized robots, a trend that is likely to redefine the opportunity of chatbots.

With traces between customer service and consumer preference becoming greater blurred, ahead-searching corporations are anticipated to adopt chatbots. Given that organizations need innovation and greater performance to maintain in volatile markets, chatbots have end up the move-to-approach. Buoyed with the aid of the use of improvements in NLP and device studying, chatbots have become more responsive, smarter, and greater valuable. In a bid to cause customers’ top-of-thoughts recall, critical stakeholders across corporations will continue to embrace chatbots on a bigger scale inside the years yet to come.
There are more than 10,000 coronavirus cases and more than 150 deaths in the U.S., according to the CDC. The stock market has taken a hit. Businesses are losing customers, and workers are losing jobs. It has become frightening, frustrating and even maddening. 
In response to the pandemic, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan recently reminded us that we can all help each other in our own ways. He has provided K-12 educators with free access to the videoconferencing platform so students can continue learning.

65 free tools to help you through the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. ZoomFree videoconferencing tools for K-through-12 schools.
  2. Slack: Free upgrades to paid plans for teams working on coronavirus pandemic research, response or mitigation. Interested teams can email a special address to get this set up, and a consultation on how best to get started with remote collaboration.
  3. Humu: Free nudges to anyone who wants science-backed advice for how to best work remotely, partner with colleagues who are all over the place, show appreciation for those who don't have the flexibility to work remotely (e.g. cashiers, medical personnel).
  4. Atlassian: Free access to Cloud products for issue-tracking and project-tracking software including Jira and Confluence. Also, free access to Trello Business Class for organizing plans is offered for one year to educators at K through 12 and higher education.
  5. Airtable: Free use of Airtable Pro plan as a modern database for any non-political, humanitarian effort tackling COVID relief. There is no time limit. It is also planning to make the service free for students too.
  6. PandaDoc: Free e-sign plan gives companies unlimited users, unlimited document uploads, unlimited eSignatures, and payment processing.
  7. Wrike: Free licenses of the versatile collaborative work management platform (Professional edition) to new customers for 6 months. Current customers are able to add unlimited collaborators. Webinars and advice on remote work are both on the website.
  8. Calendly: Free Zoom and GoToMeeting integrations for their online appointment scheduling software to help remote workers stay connected. These were previously Premium tier features and will be available through June 30. Also Free premium plan access to teams working directly on COVID-19. 
  9. Smartsheet: Free templates that can be used by other organizations to build their own coronavirus preparedness dashboard, rich with CDC documentation and other resources, and related sheets and forms.
  10. Support.comFree tech support to anyone working or studying remotely right now.
  11. Free 90-day subscription for new customers impacted by COVID-19. The cloud-based service helps small and mid-sized businesses to automate the processing of bills, generate invoices, send/receive payments and manage their cash flows.
  12. Workable: Free use of the new video interviewing software for all customers, and access to a library of COVID-19 response content for use by HR professionals and business leaders.
  13. ZohoFree suite of Remotely apps until July 1. There are 11 apps in all, including ones for online meetings, training sessions, storage, project management and everyday work (in the form of word processing, spreadsheets and presentations).
  14. Google: Free, premium version of its workplace video chat tool until July, to help businesses and schools working remotely due to coronavirus. Those features include having up to 250 participants per call, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain, and the ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive.
  15. CiscoFree license for new customers of Duo Security’s two-factor authentication tool, and current customers can go above their user limit as their employees increasingly work from home. Same deal for its web security tool Umbrella and its VPN product AnyConnect, which is available until July 1. Cisco is extending services for existing customers of Webex, its video conference platform. The offer includes unlimited usage without time restriction, support for fewer than 100 participants, and toll-free dial-in.
  16. ComcastFree Xfinity WiFi for everyone, with hotspots available to all, including non-Xfinity subscribers. To access the service, look for the “xfinitywifi” network name in a list of hotspots.
  17. LogMeInFree site-wide licensing for 3 months of its videoconferencing solution, GoToMeeting, for eligible organizations (health care providers, educational institutions, municipalities and non-profits).
  18. LoomFree video recording and sharing service for teachers and students at K-through-12 schools, universities and educational institutions. They have also removed the recording limit on free plans and have cut the price for Loom Pro in half.
  19. MicrosoftFree six-month Office 365 E1 Trial, including Microsoft Teams.
  20. SlashtopFree 60-day licenses to its Business Access remote access software.
  21. DiscordFree, enhanced Go Live streaming service so that it can now support 50 simultaneous users rather than 10.
  22. EZTextingFree emergency text alert services to schools. Receive 100,000 free outgoing text messages for six months, access to a set of coronavirus message templates, and one-on-one consulting.
  23. YextFree, new site search product, Yext Answers, for a 90-day period. Eligible businesses will be able to transform their website into a search engine capable of answering consumers’ COVID-19 specific queries in real time.
  24. Linkedin: Free 16 learning courses that provide tips on how to stay productive, build relationships when you’re not face-to-face, use virtual meeting tools and balance family and work dynamics in a healthy way.
  25. Hootsuite: Free access for Hootsuite Professional to small businesses and nonprofits until July 1. Helping to manage social media, and stay connected with your customers and communities.
  26. AmazonFree online access to sponsored computer science courses in the United States. That's intended for learners in grades 6 through 12, and teachers who are remotely teaching this age group. Parents can also access this curriculum.
  27. Free DIY classes for the next one to two weeks. Use discount code “selfcare” at checkout.
  28. ZencastrFree Hobbyist plans will have no recording time limits or limits on the number of people in your recording. Effective through July 1.
  29. ThreadsFree access to their collaboration tools and Pro/Team plans for all users through July 1.
  30. ExpensifyReimbursement of up to $50 for essential goods and groceries purchased on your SNAP card.
  31. Wave: Free financial software solutions (accounting, bookkeeping, invoicing) for small businesses to help with cash flow — which becomes increasingly important during economic turmoil. In response to COVID-19, Wave has reduced paid services where possible to active customers, in an effort to provide financial relief during a time of need.
  32. JammFree audio-visual communication tool used by remote and distributed teams. You can quickly record videos or do a live call with your team. Available for 3 months.
  33. Carto: Free visualization software for organizations fighting COVID-19.
  34. CrowdmarkFree access to its online grading and analytics platform until May 31.
  35. Epic: Free remote access of its reading platform to elementary educators and librarians until June 30, with no credit card required. Students may access the company's digital library, which has 35,000-plus books, read-to-me and audiobooks, videos and quizzes. Teachers and librarians can stay connected to their students by assigning books or collections and monitoring their progress.
  36. ClassTagFree communication platform available to help districts and schools communicate with their families. The software sends messages through SMS, email, apps and the web and automatically translates them into one of 55 languages. The platform can also be used to post videos, assignments and other resources for students to access at home and allow users to run virtual lessons with a videoconferencing tool.
  37. McGraw-Hill: Free resources for out-of-school learning to help K-12 teachers make the transition to remote instruction.
  38. Scholastic: Free 5 days' worth of content and 15 additional days is on the way.
  39. Age of Learning: Free at-home access for families at affected schools to ABCmouse, a learning resource for ages 2 to 8.
  40. Listenwise: Free access to the Listenwise platform that supports distance learning by allowing you to roster your students, make online customized written assignments, and assign multiple-choice autos-cored listening quizzes. This will give you and your students the ability to learn through May 31, or until your school reopens. 
  41. Peloton: Free 90-day trial of its subscription workout app as more gyms shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The fitness freebie doesn't require a Peloton-branded bike or treadmill. Users can choose from classes such as yoga, meditation, strength training and more.
  42. U-Haul: Free self-storage for 30 days to all college students who have been impacted by schedule changes at their universities.
  43. TripIt: Free 6-month licenses to their Tripit Pro flight tracking service.
  44. UrbanSitterFree parent subscription for two months during the COVID-19 outbreak. Parents can find trusted childcare help to support them as they work from home during this period. Every sitter is background checked and UrbanSitter provides parents with as much information as possible to make informed decisions.
  45. Dialpad: Free two months of its cloud-based phone system, Dialpad Talk Pro. This also includes videoconferences and UberConference Business.
  46. 1PasswordFree business accounts for the first 6 months. Manage your workforce from anywhere, and safely share logins and other important resources with remote workers.
  47. Vidyard: Free secure video messaging to enhance internal communications for all businesses.
  48. Cloudfare: Free Teams products to small businesses and remote workers to operate securely and easily. This policy will continue for at least the next 6 months.
  49. Panopto: Free three-month access to capture and distribute video content for businesses, universities, colleges and schools will enable employees and students to continue learning and working remotely.
  50. OneLogin: Free access to the Trusted Experience Platform™️ for educators who are moving to a virtual learning environment in light of health concerns. The free platform, consisting of single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and certificate-based authentication, will deliver secure virtual experiences for all educators K through 12, colleges and universities.
  51. SentinelLabsFree cybersecurity platform SentinelOne Core between Monday, March 16 through Friday, May 16. SentinelOne’s cloud-based platform seamlessly scales, making it well suited to protect both businesses and employees rapidly transitioning to a work-from-home environment.
  52. Waterfall Security: Free Remote Screen View product licenses available to customers whose vendor personnel or key employees are no longer able to travel to industrial and critical infrastructure sites. Remote Screen View sends real-time images of industrial workstations to a web server that remote vendors can access.
  53. OneClickFree remote access Basic Starter Package for the next three months to assist those working remotely.
  54. 8x8Free video meetings to all users. Offers 80+ local dial-in numbers (11 toll-free) from 55+ countries and meetings of up to 50 participants without any time restrictions.
  55. BloomzFree premium version of its communication service to all schools through June 30. The software allows users to communicate updates in real-time to parents and students; and share lessons, student work and feedback.
  56. HR Acuity: Free version of its SaaS solution to help businesses manage employee issues related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The limited edition provides employee documentation and tracking functionality that will equip businesses to monitor the people impact of the crisis. The limited edition will be available through at least July 1 to businesses with more than 100 employees.
  57. Avid: Free, temporary licenses of creative tools to qualified media enterprise and educational customers. Starting March 16 through April 17, users who must work remotely because their facility has been closed may obtain 90-day licenses free of charge for Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate and Sibelius | Ultimate. In addition, any student of an institution who uses our products and can no longer attend school and/or access school facilities can receive a 90-day license of the same products.
  58. TechSmith: Free licenses to TechSmith Snagit screen capture software and the TechSmith Video Review software through June 30.
  59. BlueJeansFree access to videoconference service to first responders and NGOs for 90-days.
  60. Adobe: Free home access to Creative Cloud apps is available by request of students and educators until May 31. Adobe also offers free 90-day access to Adobe Connect for web conferencing until July 1.
  61. DropBox: Free DropBox Business and HelloSign Enterprise subscriptions for a three-month period to nonprofits and NGOs that are focused on fighting COVID-19. Organizations working to stop the virus or providing relief to those impacted are encouraged to apply.
  62. Box: Free secure file sharing and collaboration platform for 3 months. The offer is for the Business plan and includes unlimited storage, mobile access, and advanced user and security reporting.
  63. Mailchimp: Free Standard accounts to eligible groups sending critical public health information about COVID-19 through June 30.
  64. SurveyMonkey: Free questionnaire templates written by survey research experts to gather data/feedback from employees, customers and broader groups impacted by the coronavirus.
  65. Salesforce: Free access to technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus.